Pizza Crust Handling & Baking

STORE Our unique all-natural scratch-baked hand tossed pizza crusts are preservative-free. Refrigerate them up to four days, or freeze with confidence up to two months in the original packaging. Gently fold or bend crusts to fit in a crowded freezer.
THAW Takes about 15 to 20 minutes. A frozen crust may be brittle at sub-zero temperatures, so handle gently. Let it relax naturally on kitchen counter as it thaws.
Spread olive oil and/or sauce--traditional tomato, ranch dressing BBQ, beaten eggs, you name it--and your favorite meats, veggies, fruits, herbs, spices and cheeses. Experiment! Our pizza crusts are a perfect platform for your imagination and culinary magic!

Right on the oven rack for best results. Center the rack vertically. A pizza stone or cookie sheet give good rersults as well. Grilling outside? Fantastic! You'll love the smokey flavor. Aim for indirect heating so as not to burn the crust's bottom. Push hot coals to the side and/or elevate your pizza up and away from intense heat. Protective foil, or a stone or cookie sheet can help shield the pizza.

BAKE About 10-12 minutes at 410 degrees F. When the bottom's golden brown and the cheese has melted, enjoy!