Outdoor pizza grilling suggestions
Outdoor grilling with Bova pizza crusts
Aim for indirect heat when grilling a pizza outdoors. Here's a great how-to by Weber on the subjects of direct and indirect heating.

The pictured setup keeps the pizza crust up and away from the difficult-to-control burner on my ancient Charmglow grill. The lava rocks (under the grate) smoke from grease buildup, a real plus. This imparts a wonderful smokey flavor and aroma to the crust.

When the lid is lowered I try to keep the temperature around 400 - 425 degrees, measured by a thermometer, not shown. I check my pizza pie often to ensure the crust's bottom doesn't scorch and turns golden brown.

Newer and/or high-end grills, and smokers, are easier to control. Use wet wood chips to provide a burst of smoke and flavor if needed.

With a little patience and perseverance, you can become a master at outdoor pizza grilling, and enjoy a new eating experience.