Bova hand crafted gourmet ready to use pizza crusts
Bova pizza shell + leftovers = dinner in 30 minutes!

Our ready-made pizza crusts let you

think outside the pizza box!

Enjoy homemade pizza in minutes your way with our
scrumptious easy-to-use hand-tossed artisan pizza crusts.
Dinner is only minutes away...

Step 1: While the oven heats to 410, top a Bova crust with your favorite goodies.
Step 2: Bake 11 minutes on the oven rack.
Step 3: ENJOY!
Order our ready-to-top pizza crust doughs in ten delicious, unique gourmet flavors:

Why Homemade Pizza?

 Host a pizza ingredient party! Everyone bring their  favorite topping, cheese, sauce, veggie or meat, and see what happens!

 Family Fun
 Little ones love to top and decorate pizzas their way!  Suggest smileys and designs using pepperoni, cheese, and sauce, even leftovers. Their young minds will fill in the rest.

 Game Day
 Tailgate in style! Bova crusts, a grill, sauce, cheese and maybe cooked sliced brats. Delicious! Watching the action at home? Bova crusts make memorable snacks or a 'super' halftime meal!

 Quick Meal
 Leftovers + a Bova crust = dinner!

Bova pizza crusts are ready made and easy to use, as is, because we've done the hard parts: mixing, proofing (yeast rising), stretching to size, hand-tossing and light baking. There's no raw dough you have to roll out, no unexpected rising. The height of convenience and simplicity!
Bova Gourmet Italian Herb Pizza Crust
Our signature Italian herb pizza crust
Best of all, our all-natural pizza crusts are super delicious. Crisp, flavorful and satisfying, right out of your oven. Whether you crave a Margherita, Bar-B-Q, breakfast, dessert or traditional Italian pizza, you'll be able to enjoy it your way, whenever you want.

Every Bova ready made pizza dough is handmade from scratch daily. Learn more. They're all-natural, with no additives or preservatives. Bova pizza crusts are perfect for festive occasions like sleepovers, parties, tailgating, and family gatherings, or just because. Best of all, they're so simple to use, everyone can join in the fixin'.
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